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Buffie is littermates with Miller and N.G.A. alumnus Big Mack!


Buffie writes ...

Day 1:

"Dear Momma Dorothy and Aunties Thea & Sue

Just wanted to give you news on how my "first day as a pet" went.

After driving for what seem liked hours and hours (and me voicing my displeasure every 1/10th mile) we finally arrived in Montreal! I got out of the car and went into this Magic Box that whisked us up into the heavens. When the door to the magic box opened I was in a totally different place! I had to wait in the hallway while this lady (I shall refer to her as the Commandant from now on, because she seems to give the orders) went in through a door. I waited and waited with this nice person I will refer to as "Daddy".. Finally the Commandant came out with 3 other greyhounds, all muzzled up!! After a few minutes of butt-sniffing and appropriate greetings, the Commandant declared "all was well" and our Hannibal Lecter masks came off!!

I then went in to explore the new place. To my great surprise there was another houndie there - one who was small like me!! I wanted to go closer to say hi, but I seemed to keep getting my head bumped in the process. The Commandant kept laughing at me, saying something about a "mirror", whatever that is.

Then I had to pee, so I found a nice soft spot on the carpet and started to tinkle. Boy! The Comandant's face got all red and I got WHISKED out of the house, back into the magic box and out into the bitter cold (50F). We walked and walked but, of course, I had already peed and didn't have to go again - (I think this Commandant is very dumb and not up to houndie ways).

We went back upstairs and my nice new crate awaited me. It is probably big enough to hold me and all my siblings!!  So I went in and got all comfy and Daddy praised and praised me!

Then suppertime came around. The Commandant said I could have a "little something", because the others were eating and I would probably graze out of their bowls anyway.... so I had some kibbles - at least they feed me here!!!

After the kibbles this nice (yet rather dumb) dog, Joe and I got leashed up and got taken out. I walked and walked for like almost a minute!! Joe peed eleven hundred times. Me, nothing. I was waiting for that nice soft carpet back in the apartment! Ahhhhhhhh , sweet relief! ACK - the commandant's face got even redder than before and, yes you guessed it - away we went back outside!!! (Deosn't this lady know when a houndie is empty?? sheesh!)

Then some people came over to meet me and I was my charming, yet shy self. I got lovies and pats and snuggles, and people kept telling me how sweet I was. There's this other dog here, Miss Greta, who was all aloof when I was getting patted, until the Commandant sat down with her and explained that I was her new sister and she had to show me the ropes! I now follow Miss Greta all over the house! Maybe one day I, too, will be become a Princess!!

Then everybody got ready to leave and, yes once again, I had to go "outside".  I watched as Miss Greta, Joe and this other guy called Logan all peed and wondered why they didn't try my carpet??? Hmmmm???

Then we went back upstairs - thank goodness, because I had an urgent need to go poopy! Poopy, it seems, gets done on the kitchen floor NOT on the carpet. Ahhhhhh,,, sweet relief.

OOPS - I thought the Commandant was going to burst a blood vessel!!!! Yes.... whisked downstairs again!

Finally it was time for bed. I got into my crate to dream of the day to come!

"BARK! Bark bark!" Yes, that was me - waking up at the "butt-crack of dark" as the Commandant said. So I got leashed up with that dumb dude, Joe, and away we went downstairs. I do NOT understand why I have to be attached to the Commandant by a rope so she can watch me do my business. It's embarrassing!! So again I did nothing! (The dumb dude, on the other paw, did another thousand pees and 3 poopys - where does he put it?????)

Up we went for breakfast. Nom nom nom! Ahh ! After breakfast - oh oh poopy cramps!! But the Commandant was IN the kitchen - so I found a nice spot in the dining room. Gah - you'd have thought world war three had broken out! Whisked downstairs again!!! But this time I could not hold it in so I HAD to pee outside on some leaves. WOW! You would have thought I had produced a masterpiece - not a "masterpee"!! I got all kinds of lovies from the Commandant! Maybe there IS something to this peeing outside thing. I might have to try it with poopy as well......

Then about a few hours later we all went for a long walk and I showed Daddy my new trick of peeing outside! MORE lovies! Then we came in and the Commandant and daddy had what they called breakfast. I tried to show them my best side, I even put my two front feet on the table to investigate Daddy's plate but to no avail. I got no snacks ! I'll have to try to be even more endearing at their next meal.

Now I'm sleeping by daddy's side in the den with the Commandant and Miss Greta, too. "The boys" as the Commandant calls them, are in the bedroom, catching 40 winks as well.

All seems to be good.

Love and licks


Day 2:

"Dear Momma Dorothy and Aunties Thea & Sue,

I am still not quite sure about this place you sent me to. The other dogs here are ok but a bit strange and the people - wow - even stranger.

First there's the boss dog - his name is Logan. He gets all growly growly with me when I try to go by his bed. The Commandant growls back at him but he makes me nervous.
Then there's this big black doofus - his name is joe...Joe... JOE!!! I wonder why he has such a funny name but that what he responds to. I got up yesterday morning and danced around him and tried to play bitey face with him but he looked at me with a blank expression on his face. I think he's missing a brain, if you ask me......
But I have to tell you about this other dog - Miss Greta. When I grow up I want to become a Princess like her. I follow her around constantly trying to pick up some pointers.

Momma D - I got to tell you - the Commandant and Daddy are really some weird folks. Yesterday morning I went outside and HAD to make a poopy. Daddy collected it in a little bag (what's up with that??) and then brought it back into the house! If he had wanted my poopy in the house why didn't he just let me DO it in the house????? AND everytime I make a poopy or a pee outside they clap and cheer and dance around like crazed lunatics.

Last night there was a big commotion in the place of good smells where the Commandant prepares our meals. It seems that the Commandant was handing out something called treats. I joined in the fray but when it came my turn to have this so-called "treat" I turned up my nose. It was something called "lamb lung". How disgusting is that!!?? The other hounds were frenzied with glee - especially that idjit joe...Joe...JOE!!! He stepped on me and I cried out and ran to Daddy in the other room. Daddy came out to see what was going on and The Commandant gave him a small piece of this so-called delicacy (ugh!) for me to have . Nope - no way am I ever going to eat that! Blech! But I did find some extra pieces of kibble on the floor! What a score!

This morning the Commandant got me up and out at 5:15. Momma D can you please call her and advise her that I never used to go out before 6AM?? I go with Daddy and Miss Greta and the Commandant takes the Boss dog and the idjit. Sometimes I can hear her calling his name as we walk the other way - joe...Joe...JOE!!!
This morning I figured if all Daddy does is pick up my poopy to bring it into the house I'll save him the trouble and not make a poopy outside. BAD IDEA! When we got back to the house the Commandant asked if I had poopied and Daddy said no. Yup you guessed it - back out we went.  Sheesh, she is strict and no nonsense! So I forced some poopy out and we went back in for breakfast. (Little does she know I am SAVING up some poopy for her shoes....)

To be continued

Love and licks



"Dear Mamma Dorothy and Aunties Thea & Sue,

I am so sorry for not writing sooner! I have been under much duress and strain here in this household. The Commandant has kept us all busy busy busy! We've been on display like zoo animals - how embarrassing!

Two weeks ago I got unceremoniously dumped into the car with Miss Greta and taken to this huge empty and cold place called the "O-Limpik Stadium".
I was put into a pen (how humiliating) with Miss Greta and we were left to fend for ourselves for what seemed like hours! A minute later Daddy came to rescue me. He was sitting in a big chair at the front of what I know now is called a "booth" and I got to sit right next to him! The Commandant (thankfully) was busy with other stuffs so she did not see that I had escaped the torture pen!

Drat and dang nabbit! The Commandant has taken me back to the pen and has brought Miss Greta out to be with Daddy. I leap up and try to see over the side of the pen and the Commandant comes rushing over (she must have 1,000 eyes!) and tells me to lie down! Harumpf - how can I lie down when all she has provided me with is a lumpy blankie?! I proceed to stand and stand (and watch to make sure Miss Greta is not getting more pats from Daddy than I got!)

A little while later here comes the Commandant with this HUGE green thing and plunks it down in my prison pen. Wow - it's a nice comfy bed! And so Big! Ahhhhh - I stretch out and am just about to doze off..... YANK - whisked out of the pen again!

"Your turn Little Miss" cackles the Commandant! And miss Greta goes into the prison pen and I get to stand next to Daddy again. Hm - not such a bad thing - but wait - Miss Greta is sleeping in the green bed!!!. I am distraught, I am upset, I am sa.... ooooh a cookie! Yum! While I'm eating my cookie I see the Commandant coming towards me with a not-so-huge orange thing - another bed! This one also gets plunked down in the prison pen - and it's just my size! Hey! What's that nitwit joe...Joe...JOE!!! doing in that teensy weensie bed? Idjit - It's MY bed!

The Commandant is laughing hysterically and even Daddy is laughing at the numbskull!

Eventually the Commandant got it all sorted out and we all relaxed in our proper beds. Hey nobody told me about this Meeting and Greeting business - it's hard work - I am R-E-Tired, lady, retired - read the fine print in the contract.

MommaD can you send the Commandant a copy of the adoption contract and make sure the RETIRED part is written in BIG for her old eyes.

Love & Licks



  • Registered Name: Pals Buffie
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted on: Oct 31st, 2009
  • Color: White & Fawn
  • Right ear tattoo: 87I
  • Left ear tattoo: 43608
  • Birthday: Aug 1st, 2007
  • Arrived at NGA: Oct 3rd, 2009

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