dreams of a retired racer Things to Note:
  • Though the pictures and personality descriptions you read here may rope you in to a particular dog, please do keep an open mind to other dogs when visiting, especially regarding gender or color ... the dogs have a way of letting their families-to-be know who among them is the best fit!
  •  Click on each dog's name or picture for more details - symbol key available here if needed.  For example; dogs with the double heart symbol are in the process of being adopted
  •  If you would like to meet dogs to adopt, you MUST make an appointment.  An adoption coordinator NEEDS to be there. Adoption coordinators are Dorothy Westover, and Sue Gerry; no one else is permitted to show hounds.
  •  If you see a dog at the kennel that is not listed below that means it is not yet available for adoption, or even walks.
  •  Dogs' descriptions are written by volunteers; the side of the dogs they see may be somewhat different than the first-time visitor's experience.
Casper - our official cat tester - White - Male

Raftiki - Black - Male

Duchess - Black - Female

O'Malley - Black - Male

Philip - - Male

Azure - - Male

Blacky - - Male

Red - - Male

Cordoza - - Male

Ferris - Brindle - Male

Powerline - Blue brindle - Male

Rain - Brindle - Female

Bono - Red - Male

Brian - Brindle - Male

Brianna - Dk Bd - Female

Cian - White Brindle - Female

Colin - Lt Rd Br - Male

Conan - Blk - Male

Finny - Red - Male

Kyla - Bd - Female

Lucky - Blk - Female

O'Shea - Blk - Male

Paddy - RF BD - Male

Quinn - R Bd - Female

Riley - Red - Female

Seamus - Red - Male