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April 2015

Sadly, Homer's owner passed away now he and his "sister" Sadie need a new forever home.

They are a wonderful sweet natured pair and need to find a new home where they can be together - a package deal!

They are in foster care at someone's home but can be brought to where the rest of the dogs are to be met.


  (Homer was known as Brett when first at N.G.A.)


I'm on the way to Bombay.
Dorthy & Sue:
          On Monday, August 15th, 2011, we drove to Vermont to pick out our beautiful
Greyhound!!!  Well, we, or should I say, he, ( Homer  ), picked us !!!
          We met with Dorthy and she guided us through the process.  Over the last 2
weeks we have been talking with Sue, whom gave us a fountain of information!!!
          We were so excited when we got there, the anticipation of the "wait" was almost
unbareable!!  We saw several of the "angles"  but as it turned out, our guy picked us !!!
          I'm sure Homer wasn't quite sure at first what exactly was going on.  But, after Reed raised his butt into the back of the Jeep, he seemed to settle right down.  He rides very well, so well, as a matter of fact, it puts him to sleep !!!
          We stopped,  bought him a big doggie bed, he snuggled into that with no problem.  He rolled and buried his face into it and settled in.  He loves his pillow, if we move it, he's right there to help with one corner of it in HIS mouth!!!
           On the way home, because it was a 3 hour drive, he ate some of his food followed by a healthy gulp of water !!!
           When we got home, he walked in, checked everything out and settled in..............finally home for good !!!
           He is quite the sweetie!!!  And, developing quite the personality !!  He loves to be outside, but we have discovered he's not crazy about horses !!   At first he liked to hord things, a spoon, a bowl, a cob of corn and of all things............a stuffed rabbit !!!!  His beautiful brown eyes are full of love now, at first his eyes were "I'm not sure what's going on".             He is very much loved and adored.  His gift to us is himself.............he gives us his love, laughter, and joy.  And, as we all grow together, I am sure there will be a few more surprises!!
           One surprise Reed got in the middle of the night in the middle of a sound sleep was a cold nose in the middle of the back !!!!
           We would like to thank all of you who work with these beautiful animals, the dedicaiton of there care and all that it involves.  And, most of all, thank-you for the gift of
Homer !!!
                                                                             Reed & Deb

  • Registered Name: Super Special
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted on: Jun 5th, 2014
  • Color: Black
  • Right ear tattoo: 27F
  • Left ear tattoo: 41196
  • Birthday: Feb 8th, 2007
  • Arrived at NGA: Sep 11th, 2010

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