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Zola (was Donna)


Just writing to let you know how Zola is doing. It's been four months since she arrived in her «forever» home and I am still amazed at how quickly she has adapted to her new life (except for the stairs inside, it took her three weeks to go up and down the stairs without assistance). The first day she arrived, she figured out very quickly how to jump on the big leather couch and she has since decided to establish her « headquarters» there. I suspect her to spend hours and hours on that couch when she's home alone on weekdays. Besides her favorite activity (couch potato), she loves running and she enjoys to ride in the car. She is also very sweet with our cat. She is friendly with everybody (human, dogs, cats...). She made a good impression at the pet store only few days after being in her new home, everybody there was amazed to see how well behaved she was. At the vet's office she is very curious, she wags her tail and is so happy to meet everybody there.

Zola is a wonderful dog, it is a privilege to have her in our life.

Many thanks to Donna (T-Legs) for this perfect match and to all the volunteers at NGA.


  • Registered Name: M's Rusty Roller
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted on: Oct 23rd, 2010
  • Color: Brindle
  • Right ear tattoo: 88G
  • Left ear tattoo: 47990
  • Birthday: Aug 1st, 2008
  • Arrived at NGA: Sep 12th, 2010

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